Monday, 4 March 2013

SERIES LAUNCH - Leaders Review Key Moments | "Integrity in Negotiations." (1min:10)

David Stone | The Integrity Thing. (1min:10) 
The CEO of New Zealand's industry-encompassing Telecommunications Forum discusses his televised Leaders Review item airing this week. See also the TVC itself.
[A special thank you to NEC who have backed our Telco community leaders into their 4th year now.]

To those many of you in the business leadership community who follow this collective project - welcome back.

This year we turn our focus to intrapreneurial thinking - applying passion, vision, commonsense and entrepreneurism within the context of larger or corporate organizations and career experience.

Something I have often thought about since profiling some of Ralph Norris’ thoughts for the NBR back in the late ‘Eighties.

Norris mentioned back then that one had to ignore trying to slavishly 
apply the hip ‘bells and whistles’ of one’s peer group - instead looking to improve any system in simply the straightest line possible. Applied to any circumstance, that often meant heading the opposite way to what  was 'hip'.

Why a series around corporate leadership?
Many of the country’s entrepreneurs and innovators can only go so far without the everyday-supportive application of commonsense, fairness and a courage of conviction shown by a groundswell of intrapreneurial peers.

And the latter we will find.

This year we will bring you an invited/accepting ‘dragons den’ of sorts - a small group of corporate pragmatists and their companies, whose ideas we hope will galvanize NZ corporana into linking more effectively with our wider business community.

All the while continuing to provide a bit of focus, a bit of go-forward...


  • 6.20AM* LEADERS REVIEW'S REGULAR TVC SLOT, TVOne Mon-Fri Early-Breakfast. [*Times vary slightly given live nature of Breakfast.]
  • 7.20AM REPEATS on “Plus 1” (TVNZ7 Digital Channel)
  • TV One additional slots this week: Lower North Island, TONIGHT NEWS, 23.10, GOOD MORNING, 09.35AM.
  • Extended or 'breakout' versions here online following the television casts. 

The next of our to-be-revealed 2013 leaders group steps up to reflect upon
the quality of a leader's decisiveness tempered by fairness
- and how a mentor exhibited how far he would go on that count.

Again, welcome back - and see you next week.
Enjoy this year's series.