Monday, 20 May 2013

KPMG CEO advocates organizations look more to their Why

KPMG CEO advocates organizations look more to their Why
Opening the second series of this year’s Leaders Review televised and online leadership vignettes, Paul Herrod, KPMG’s CEO, advocated that organizations look to their wider purpose or the ‘why’ of what they did to engender trust with clients as well as wider communities than they would otherwise deal with directly.
Says series producer, Peter Anich, “Paul brought up an intriguing angle regarding how it elevated engagement for leaders to begin to explore and better define overall purpose beyond the standard mission statement; beyond what an organization promised to its clients, or the normal RFP breakdown of how they would set upon accomplishing particular tasks.”
“One lightning rod for Paul was seeing how his firm’s participation in the Rugby World Cup took on far wider dimensions beyond the ‘risk assessment’ work they were brought on as a sponsor to do directly for the New Zealand Rugby Union,” says Anich.
‘The consequences of being a part of the RFU’s bigger machine, touched wider and, at the time, clearly visible communities, if not the country itself.
“That empowering of NZ Inc. or simply their clients’ own wider consequence, is an ideal and motivator for many leaders we’ve interviewed over the years…If they can truly tap into that - clearly defining beneficial consequencesbeyond ‘the job well done’ itself, engagement can soar both internally and externally,” he says.
“That theme definitely struck a chord with us as well, in fact, a key driver for our own work within the Leaders Review series. It was a ‘no-brainer’ for us to therefore open with Paul’s theme.”
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