Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Leadership: They gotta love you?

A theme, returning NZ Telecommunications Forum boss, David Stone, originally touched on in his first interview, was the very real-world conundrum of leaders wishing to be popular and at the same time, effective.

‘Never forgot David’s two lines from that chat: “Not everyone’s going to love you...” and “You can’t bend like a straw in the wind.” so for his latest Leaders Review vignette, I asked him if we could explore the theme further.
- The TV and online pieces were again, like all previous years’ Telecommunications Industry leaders, produced thanks to the support of
NEC New Zealand.

I’m sure for many leaders popularity vs the most effective pathway is a constant source of tension. As Mr Stone points out, the more stakeholders, the more unlikely everyone will be in accord with the leader’s take on the best approach. 

This leads to the old chestnut themes of loneliness at the top, and living with a constant lack of approbation from at least some employees at any one time. 

The solution neither lies, he asserts, in becoming one gratuitously, uncompromising so-and-so. Bluntness and honesty, “and helping folks find their way to the middle,” are the way he says.

This week we kick off a bit later, first with a regional primetime start for lower North Island including TV One’s Network News (6.40PM is where David appears) and nationwide once again from Wednesday in our usual Leaders Review morning spots.

So - be straight forward with the tough news this week,
but by no means ever revel in that stance.


Peter Anich

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