Tuesday, 19 March 2013

KPMG’s CEO reflects on developing lieutenants.

Leaders Review Press Release
Paul Herrod, head of KPMG New Zealand, has been revealed as the third leader to take part in this year’s Leaders Review Key Moments. The ongoing leadership series of daily TVCs airs on TVOne’s early Breakfast, and aims to encourage ‘a bit of focus, a bit of go-forward’ continuity as contributed by industry seniors. The series is co-supported by a collective of associated industry brands. 

“For one of the more perceived conservative professions, I was heartened to observe Paul and KPMG stepping forward to participate and contribute to the collective as our accounting and advisory entrant,” said series organizer and producer, Peter Anich.

“Observing industry invitees going through their different decision processes was illuminating...You can see how leadership and culture all respond differently to something outside the box, which this series certainly presents itself as,” explained the producer.

“With this year’s theme being intrapreneurialism, or entrepreneurial behaviour within larger organizations, the irony of keen CEOs within the profession not being able to respond accordingly represents the exercise’s central irony.”

“When boldness is required there are many systemic and business-cultural hand-brakes for leadership within the wider organization. What I saw in Paul’s immediate response was the ability of his lieutenants to quickly ‘read the project’s vibe’ and soon after followed a decision delivered by the CEO himself.”

“As then unaware of my own initial observations, Paul said he wished to concentrate his first TV Leaders Review vignette around a lesson an early-industry icon had taught him: that of developing lieutenants to allow a leader’s own ideas and leadership, to fly.”

“Was a definitely a case of no surprises there.”

LEADERS REVIEW KEY MOMENTS“Empowering Lieutenants.” 

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