Monday, 18 March 2013

KPMG’s CEO reflects on developing lieutenants.

Paul Herrod | “Empowering Lieutenants” (1min:27)
Joining our Leaders Review collective for 2013 this week is Paul Herrod, 
KPMG’s New Zealand CEO.

For one of the more perceived conservative professions, I was heartened to observe Paul and KPMG stepping forward to fill the breech, participate and contribute as our accounting and advisory entrant. Observing all the invitees going through their decision processes at close quarters was illuminating...

Paul’s lieutenants immediately read the project’s vibe, and there soon followed a decision sent direct by the CEO himself. Another CEO reacted to our unorthodox project, publicly seeking to encourage intrapreneurial leadership...putting it to a committee. Most reactions were keen but often the typical partnership structure often waylaid a CEO's participation.

Of course to support the business and leadership community with a leadership series you still need to find leaders whom at first flush, risk public scrutiny as they step out onto the ridge. (As a sidebar, I can confirm that 48 or so leaders over 4 years, have now traversed Leaders Review without apparent injury ;-)

Never-the-less, an interesting experiment that left one to speculate: Would an advisor prescribe a path of absolutely required boldness to clients they would preclude themselves from taking given similar circumstances? (A tad pointed? Considering why the leadership series exists in the first place, as Tana once remarked, “We’re not here to play tiddley-winks, Ref.”)

May I suggest for a profession often seen as conservative, leaders still need to be seen to take the bull by the horns themselves. The cultural roll-on effect within reflects most definitely onto the world outside.

Which all segueways most coincidently into Paul’s theme this week - empowering lieutenants to make one’s own ideas and leadership fly. 
No surprises there.

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