Monday, 11 March 2013

Subaru NZ’s Wal Dumper talks fairness in leadership

Wallis Dumper | Decisive But (Is It) Fair?” (1min: 24)
Early-Breakfast TVCs with an online breakout version air this week as part of this year’s Leaders Review “Key Moments” series, highlighting themes around entrepreneurial-styled corporate leadership.

This week, Subaru NZ’s Managing Director, Wallis (Wal) Dumper, discusses the philosophy of an early mentor of his, citing how it would inform future leadership roles.

Of all the more strategic, marketing and business matters canvassed in a recent chat, quite clearly it was Wal’s thoughts around business fairness, particularly given a leader’s need to appear decisive, that seemed to really fire him up the most. That theme, I suggested then, he tackle for his first Leaders Review TV vignette and the accompanying ‘breakout’ version at this site.

By coincidence, I remember meeting Wal back in the 90s during his previous ten-year stint running Subaru - at the time, going great guns expanding the brand’s dealer network. It occurred in a brief encounter back then, that he was someone who could genuinely look at something with fresh eyes, weighing up the common-sense without a burden of long-time industry wariness, or standard tick-box requirements.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise then that he was the first of the invited automotive leaders to step forward and chip in with the leader- and industry-representative collective being formed this year.

Have a focused week - and play fair.
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