Monday, 22 April 2013

Our own tribute video (and thanks) to Eric Hertz & this week's accompanying TV item.

After the tragic news of Eric & Kathy Hertz’s passing, we soon realized that it was within our resource to recreate and combine and highlight a few of the moments from the three years that Eric contributed to the Telco Leaders Review.

- Always be grateful he did that, and we swapped a lot of personal ideas in and around those interview sessions. Eric was genteel, genuine and definitely on a mission.

As you watch a few of those video highlights you can discern the breadth and depth of knowledge he possessed regarding all things telco, not simply mobile networks. Through experience and perhaps being initially outside the culture coming in, he had full expectation 2Degrees would simply work, given a level playing field of course - a theme he was always mindful of reminding us of, from year to year. 

While most of the online version has already been released (with our best wishes) through the Herald and elsewhere, accompanying Eric & Kathy's Memorial held the other week, this slightly fuller version includes a couple of personal comments at the end that we thought were additionally poignant.

What I found fascinating in all this period was his focus and rationale remaining unencumbered by local business airs and graces, even given his ‘status’ as a small startup between two giants. He simply wanted to set up something that ‘meant something’ to the NZ community. 

That overseas experience left him in no doubt that it would happen and he remained remarkably focused and consistent towards that end. 
Therein lies an incredible lesson for both local entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike. 

Beyond that, Eric Hertz was simply an exceptional person to know.


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